March 15, 2023


Because EVERYONE deserves to feel represented & celebrated.

As vendors in the wedding industry it is our job to make sure everyones love story is told and cherished! Here are some ways we can be more inclusive!

STEP ONE: Create a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.

It is essential to create an inclusive environment for your clients. Ensure that everyone on your team is knowledgeable, empathetic, and open-minded towards different cultures, traditions, and orientations.

Make sure to post photos of everyone!

Photograph real people! I could rant all day about how we need to be VERY intentional about how one should approach “styled shoots” as a photographer. All too often these sessions consist of things that are unattainable for most couples and tend to become an echo chamber of what & who is trending at the time.

What if we used styled shoots to give a platform and representation to couples who might not see themselves in “Rocky Mountain Bride” or any other wedding magazine you can think of.

Partner with vendors who share your values.

Consider partnering with vendors or suppliers who share your commitment to diversity and inclusivity. Especially vendors a part of the LGBTQ+ & BIPOC communities. This can lead to more collaborative and supportive relationships, which can benefit everyone! Vendors, Couples, and all those alike.

Be humble, listen and learn from your customer’s experiences.

Regularly ask for feedback from your customers and review the experiences they have had with you. This is crucial. It will help you identify areas where you can improve and become more inclusive.

Be transparent about your commitment to inclusivity.

Let your customers know that you are committed to diversity and inclusion in your business. Share your values with them through your website, social media pages, and other marketing efforts. This will show potential customers that you are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for everyone. Make sure to stay away from images or language that can alienate potential clients. Instead, use inclusive language that reflects the diversity of your clientele.

Bonus Tips

Use inclusive language in all your branding, guides, copy writing, and posts. Here are some examples you can utilize!

+ Newly weds +

+ Newly Betrothed +

+ Spouses +

+ Partners +

+ Soon To be Wed +

+ Wedding Crew +

+ Flower Child +

+ Person Of Honor +

Bonus Bonus Tip

Make sure to ask for the pronouns of both partners on your inquiry forms!!

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